Car Inspection Form

Car Inspection Form for Vehicle Mechanical InspectionsCar Inspection Form - Be Protected

We recommend you obtain a comprehensive mechanical inspection by a qualified and licensed technician using our car inspection form.

The cost of a qualified comprehensive vehicle inspection is a small price to pay and may save you thousands. We have arrangements with expert inspection companies and will help guide and arrange your inspection. On average the general inspection cost is only between $200 – $300 depending on the vehicles location and the type of vehicle. Contact us to arrange a quote and help schedule an expert inspection – some of our package options even include the inspection costs – ask us how!

If you choose to buy privately and without a qualified inspection report the warranty cover will have a 30 day claim exclusion period.

For your benefit please use the mobile friendly car inspection form below to help with your record of inspection. On completion the form can be emailed to yourself for future reference.

If you prefer you can also download ourVehicle Inspection Guideto print and take with you. If you prefer to use this printed form make sure you take enough copies with you before you go car hunting. If you plan to buy privately you may also find our Private Purchase Guide & Checks form useful.