Motor Vehicle Warranty

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When do you need a car warranty?

A car warranty gives you peace of mind that the cost of any expensive repairs is taken care of, should your car need them. Yet sometimes, car owners are unsure whether a warranty would prove beneficial to them, or whether their car needs one. The following scenarios are examples of when you should consider getting a car warranty.

You have a used car
If you buy a used car, you can’t always be sure about how long it will last. The car dealer you are buying it from may not know much about its history, or the car may have problems they don’t know about. Not only that, but an older car with more miles on the clock is more prone to repairs and breaking down, so you can never be certain about how long it will last. Therefore, having a car warranty will ensure you aren’t left stranded at the roadside when your car finally decides to give up.

You bought a car privately
Despite assurances from the person you’re buying from, you can never be completely sure about how reliable the car you’re buying will be. It is difficult to put your trust in someone, especially someone you don’t know, who may be saying anything to get the car off their hands as quickly as possible. Setting up a used car warranty will cover you for any unforeseen costs that may arise.

Your manufacturer’s warranty is coming to an end
After years of driving around without a care, knowing at the back of your mind that you would always be covered if something were to happen to your car, you’re now faced with a decision about what to do once your manufacturer’s warranty expires. Even if your car is relatively new, hasn’t had any problems and doesn’t appear to be developing any, you can never be too sure about what could happen. A few years of driving may have taken their toll, and you want to make sure that any eventuality is prepared for. No car lasts forever, so taking out an extended car warranty will mean that yours continues to be covered, past its manufacturer’s warranty and beyond.

Our Motor Vehicle Warranties are designed to help reduce the financial impact of unexpected and potentially expensive mechanical repairs to your vehicle. Be Protected is focused on providing our customers with a quick, seamless and stress free claims experience.

Extended Used Motor Vehicle Warranty

Our extended used car warranty provides coverage for the cost of most repairs and replacement parts for your vehicle. Our extended used Motor Vehicle Warranty coverage offers considerable discounts on repairs and replacement parts and even covers 100% of the cost for some repairs. In addition a warranty for your used car offers specified provisions for non-traditional costs that are related to repairs.

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